Student Life
About Baysgarth School

As a Sixth form student we know that you will want to enjoy your time with us, and we realise that sixth form life is not all about studying.

Student life within the sixth form is much different to school. You will become responsible for yourself and this will mean having to learn to manage your time, workload and also your social life to ensure you leave the sixth form with the best possible results.

Sixth Formers have a very different status from other pupils. The outward signs of that are obvious - in the things you wear, in the use of your own areas for study and recreation, in the relaxation of the rules and regulations you live by. You are here by choice. We do not expect to have to take your decisions for you. We shall try not to cramp your style too much. We hope you will listen (occasionally!) to our advice - we will be there to provide support when you need it.

The Sixth Form have a large Common Room used both as a working area and a social area. During study time, you may want to use the Common Room to complete assignments, read and keep on top of your work. This is an essential part of your daily routine. In the Common there is a small kitchen area where drinks may be made.

Next to the Common Room there is a study room for those students who prefer to study in quieter surroundings. This room is equipped with computers attached to the Network and laser printer.