Pupil Premium
About Baysgarth School

What is it?
Pupil Premium is the name of the fund given directly to schools to support students who receive free school meals, who are in public care or young people whose parents are in the armed forces.

Pupil Premium supported students make up 30% of our students.

Every school is required to report on how it is intends to spend Pupil Premium grant for the current academic year and how it was spent in previous years. Each school has to report the impact of the spending.

What funding have we received?

How do we spend it?

In Year 2013 and 2014 the Pupil Premium grant was spent on:
-Continued support from Teaching Assistants
-Renaissance reading programme.
-Alternative education provision.
-Alternative accreditation courses
-The Princes Trust XL
-Employing two Behaviour Coordinators
-Virtual learning provision
-Counselling provision (Fluent & Clarity)
-Intensive behaviour course delivery and behaviour online subscription
-Dyslexia programme
-Incentive plus
-Dyscalculia testing
-E books

PP 2013

In Year 2014 & 15 the Pupil Premium grant was spent on:

The pupil premium will be spent on:
-Staff Training
-Attendance EMERGE software
-Intervention Resources
-English and Maths mentors and resources
-1-1 mentor sessions
-Revision / Booster / Intervention Sessions
-KS3 Educational Visits
-Accelerated Reader
-Library and Literacy Resources
-Lexia and laptops
-Princes Trust XL
-Social, emotional support sessions
-Virtual learning programme
-Alternative Learning
-On line Learning (TUTE)

Pp 2014

Download our latest report here

Impact of Pupil Premium Spending

Yr 11 PP students achieving 5A*C including EN and MA increased by 16% from 17% of students being predicted this in September.
In English PP students making expected progress increased by 27% over the year. There was an increase of 24% of students making better than expected progress.
In Maths PP students making expected progress increased by 20% over the year.
In Science PP students making expected progress increased by 54% over the year.

What are our plans for this year?

The pupil premium grant was not fully spent last year so there is additional funds to be added to the grant received for this year.
This year we will use the following strategies to support disadvantaged students:
-Persistent absence attendance mentor to reduce students
-English, Maths and Science tutors
-Additional TA support for students who are pupil premium and SEND
-Providing the new uniform
-Use of Lexia and Accelerated Reader
-Counselling service as well as mentoring from Fluent, Mentis and CAMNET
-Developing online learning packages using TUTE
-Development of a range of programmes to support the emotional and behavioural needs of students
-Alternative learning programmes including skills wise
-Family support programme development
-Sex, Relationships Education programme to be delivered
-Revision skills sessions
-Providing access to ICT for independent study and revision