About Baysgarth School


At Baysgarth School we develop a sense of PRIDE in our community and a sense of belonging. The school uniform is an important part of creating this identity and presenting a professional image within our local community and we have been delighted with the positive response we have received with regards to our uniform.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and staff. A professional attire and fully equipped for learning is an expectation of all members of Baysgarth School.

What does the uniform consist of?

Students are expected to be in full school uniform every day. This is part of being equipped and ready to learn.

Any student who fails to wear the correct uniform or wears the uniform incorrectly will face a consequence in line with our behaviour system.

Students are expected to have their top button done up and blazers are to be worn at all times. When students are in lessons, classroom teachers may give permission for students to remove their blazers and place on the back of their chairs. On occasions in the summer months, the Headteacher may relax this rule on health and safety grounds.

If your child has an issue with their uniform, please contact the school promptly first thing in the morning so we can support your child in resolving the issue. The school has a large supply of spare uniform which is loaned to students.

Uniform Check Card

Uniform Check Card Image 2

Coats should be plain and dark coloured with no visible logos; the following are not permitted:
- Denim jackets
- Hoodies
- Leather fashion jackets
- Coats with studs
- Coats with offensive messages / logos
- Tracksuit tops

Coats are not permitted in the school building and should be removed upon entry. Hats and Scarves are not permitted in school unless for religious observance. Students should remove hats and scarves upon entry to the building.

PE Lessons are a core component of our school curriculum and we insist on the same high standards in terms of appearance.

Pe Uniform Summary

Adverse weather conditions

During periods of adverse weather students are permitted to:

- Wear a plain white T-shirt or vest under their shirt. T-shirts must be plain white without any pictures, logos or branding
- Wear a grey V neck jumper with the school logo
- Wear wellingtons or sturdy shoes to school and then change into school footwear when they reach the school

As part of the school's commitment to being an inclusive school, students may be exempt from aspects of this policy on the grounds of religion and culture. Requests should be made in writing to the Headteacher.

How to order school uniform

To order uniform items, please use this link which will direct you directly to our uniform supplier SWI

During term time SWI will offer your parents a free of charge weekly delivery service into Baysgarth School. Orders placed by the end of the day on a Friday will be delivered into the school on the following Tuesday for parents to collect on the Wednesday.

Download a copy of the uniform sizing guide here