School Transport
About Baysgarth School

Transport for children of statutory school age

If your child is between four and 16 years old, they may be entitled to free home to school transport, particularly if they attend their local or catchment school. If your child is not entitled to free school transport you may be able to buy a seat for them to travel on the school bus.

Applications should be made via the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Transport for students aged 16 to 19 to college or sixth form

If you are applying to a college or school sixth form to continue your education post 16 you may be eligible for help with your transport. The course will normally be at a college or sixth form within North Lincolnshire. In some circumstances we may consider providing support for a course outside North Lincolnshire, for example:

-Where it would be unreasonable to travel to a local provider and the journey to the out-of-county college is much easier
-If the course is unavailable in North Lincolnshire and it is essential to your intended career progression
-If it is nearer than one in North Lincolnshire and the transport costs no more
-The distance from home to the out-of-county college should be no more than 25 miles
-If the college you are proposing to attend provides its own free transport that it is reasonable for students living in North Lincolnshire to use, you will not be eligible to receive a pass to use on public transport from North Lincolnshire Council.

Applications for post 16 travel should be made via the North Lincolnshire Council website..

Transport for pupils with special educational needs

If your child has a statement of special education needs, and is not able to walk to school or to travel on the school bus, they may be entitled to free school transport even though you live within walking distance or your child is not attending their local school.


We expect pupils travelling on school transport to behave well and treat the bus driver with respect. North Lincolnshire Council have drawn up a code of conduct setting out the standard of behaviour we expect, the support we look for from parents and the action that may be taken if children behave badly.

<b>Download a copy of the Code of Conduct for Safe Behaviour on Buses here

Parents are responsible for the behaviour, health, safety and welfare of their children whilst they are waiting at the bus stop.

When school transport is late or fails to arrive

School transport has an agreed timetable. We give parents details of their child's pick up and drop off times, the transport type and operator when it has been set up.

Normally the transport runs to time, but very occasionally it may be late, for example if the vehicle has broken down, in unusual traffic conditions or if the weather is exceptionally bad.

In most cases the transport will arrive in due course, but sometimes, for example in heavy snow, it may be impossible for the vehicle to get through.

When the weather is bad, listen to the local radio (Lincs FM,Viking and Humberside) or check the North Lincolnshire Council webiste for information about which schools are closed and the school website.

Neither the school or the council set definitive rules for parents to follow as there are a number of things for parents to consider in the interest of their child's safety. However, we offer the following guidance to help parents decide what action to take:

Parents should decide how long it is reasonable for their child to wait for the transport before going home. For example, they might consider a 15 minute wait to be acceptable, depending on weather conditions, the child's age and special or medical needs etc.

As soon as they are safely home, parents should inform the school of their child's absence and reason for it.

If parents make their own arrangements to get their child to school in bad weather, they must make sure that they can also get them home again at the end of the day as the normal school transport may not be running.

If the child's transport is a taxi or bespoke transport and parents have the contact numbers of the operator, inform them of the position in case they can make alternative arrangements to get them to school

For further details, or to make an application, please go to the North Lincolnshire Council website..