Careers Guidance
About Baysgarth School

Baysgarth School is committed to ensuring that students receive high quality guidance, support and opportunities that will help their future decision making in all aspects of further education, training, employment and higher education.

All members of Baysgarth staff are involved in some way in supporting your child with their future careers either as a tutor, subject teacher, Head of House or mentor.

All year 11, and 13 students will receive a compulsory careers interview with the CEIAG advisor who is able to give fully independent, impartial advice. Specific careers related activities are planned into our curriculum through the ICE programme and in various events throughout the year such as the careers fair.

In addition to this, all Year 11 students have a personal mentor who provides support in transitioning to the next stage of their education. Career opportunities are frequently referenced in our curriculum and we endeavour to provide enrichment opportunities that raise awareness of future career options.

The Learning Resource Centre holds a variety of materials which may be useful. The LRC staff are always happy to help and direct you to the relevant section.

Websites and Resources
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