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Stem Launch

We have a very strong track record at Baysgarth School of supporting Science, Technology STEM with our students; for example we have organised trips to CERN and various science museums/exhibitions, provided visiting speakers from industry, supported TATA industrial cadets programme and participated in STEM events at local universities. The catchment area for our school is fertile with STEM based industries including Total UK, Siemens, BAE Systems and TATA Steel. We are also proud to work in partnership with John Leggott Sixth Form College, which has recently become a Science Learning Provider (SLP) for Derbyshire, Hull, York and the North East of England. Our staff have trained with the SLP and now deliver CPD training to other teachers nationwide, always with the aim of improving STEM provision for students.

Establishing a STEM Centre of Excellence

With such a strong industry presence in the region coupled with an exciting new build planned for the school, together with ambitious and talented staff and students, we have been developing a comprehensive STEM enrichment programme. With the help of our sponsors, Lindsey Oil Refinery Total UK, we intend to establish a STEM Centre of Excellence in 2015-16 which provides a focused and coherent way of linking various STEM initiatives together. From this, it is expected that a 'buzz' of real excitement around STEM will be ignited that will become self-sustaining and impact on attainment and career choices for students.

Examples of the activities we currently offer and/or have planned include:

Stem Interactive Lectures

Inspirational Science Lecture

Stem Space Lecture